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Most service companies are facing a rapid increase in customer demands, both in terms of service quality and prices. They are also faced with the emergence of new, often more agile players with disruptive business models. Service companies are forced to rethink their offer towards greater differentiation and personalisation in order to avoid “commoditisation” and the loss of direct customer contact, or even to radically transform their operational model. 


Digital transformation is becoming a strategic investment, and even a survival strategy in B2C services, not only in terms of technology and services, but also with regards to the evolution of the company’s businesses and human capital.

At the operational level, the issues are known and numerous. In particular there is a need to  adjust offers and capabilities in line with market needs, companies need operational flexibility and to create an ecosystem of partners in line with their make or buy strategy, and payroll needs to be optimised as it often represents between 60% and 80% of operating costs. In addition to these, where possible processes should be optimised and automated, and relationships with strategic suppliers enhanced. Expertise must also be developed, pooled and disseminated. 

Digital transformation is a new challenge, both business and operational. Digital pure players are emerging in most services with disruptive business models. Even when the size of these new entrants is not yet a threat, their ability to quickly take a significant share of the value of one or more segments is real. Companies in the sector must therefore understand, on the one hand, the customer and business dimensions of digital, and, on the other, its operational efficiency dimensions. 

How we can help

We support clients in this sector in their transformation from the assessment of challenges to the implementation of all operational performance drivers: 

  • Support the reflection on the digital strategy and launch PoCs
  • Review their offer portfolios according to market needs
  • Support the business realignment strategy and outsourcing / partnership with key suppliers
  • Quickly acquire new competencies and skills
  • Strengthen the service culture
  • Optimise their pyramid (payroll)
  • Develop centres of expertise
  • Transform delivery processes
  • Use nearshore resources
  • Optimise SG&A and supplier relations
  • Master the digital transition