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Introduction and challenges

Economic and societal changes, the evolution of professions, internal reorganizations (restructuring, shared services, outsourcing) and external reorganizations (merger/acquisition, carve-out), mean that the HR function continually faces new challenges that contribute to the company’s strategy and development.

In this increasingly demanding environment, the HR function must adapt to employees that have different expectations and motivations, with an intergenerational management approach. HR needs therefore to ensure that its organization and roles today will be in line with tomorrow’s objectives. In this context, the transmission and development of the team’s knowledge, know-how and skills are major subjects for the HR function to meet new challenges: providing a better service level to both operations and employees while anticipating and accompanying changes in a sustainable manner.

How we can help?

Argon & Co supports HR departments in achieving their strategic ambitions, capitalizing on feedback and best practices acquired in complex and international contexts while considering the culture and ecosystem of their company:

  • Maturity analysis of the organization based on a robust and proven methodology
  • Design and implementation of operating models (reorganization of function/stream, shared service center, outsourcing, etc.). Building a target vision (including an extension to new services) and developing a trajectory integrating ambition and the ability to implement all technical and HR parameters (organization, social, process, systems, infrastructure, governance, management) based on a realistic business case
  • Supporting the company’s organizational transformations (post-merger integration, restructuring, carve-out): assessment of the economic and social risks associated with the project, definition of the organizational target, organizational realignment (operations and support functions), realignment of core business processes and support, human resources and social impact management