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Introduction and challenges

The pursuit of operational excellence remains a major challenge for any organization, and the HR function is no exception. HR solutions enable the HR department to strengthen its service offering to increase the added value provided to both operations and employees: automating tasks (multi-entries, controls), making information and exchanges more fluid (workflow, self-service, reporting), securing and making data more reliable, and improving ergonomics and user experience.

However, the landscape of HR solutions is changing radically with the wider use of SaaS, cloud computing, the emergence of new players, mergers and takeovers of historical players, a multiplicity of offers, the real added value of the features offered, ergonomics and user experience and reporting capabilities.

Many HR departments are now convinced of the need to launch digital initiatives to support the company’s development ambitions and ensure the business is attractive to employees. However, many HR departments are still wondering what to start with or how to do it. The opportunities and complexity of such projects depend on the type of solution deployed (ERP / SaaS / both), the HR domains impacted and the business context in which they are embedded.

How we can help

Argon & Co supports its clients step by step in clarifying their needs, enabling them to quickly define and challenge their requirements, taking into account business issues, the company’s culture and context, and the evaluation of opportunities. We work to identify scenarios that guarantee the expected level of return on investment:

  • Diagnosis of the digital maturity of the HR function
  • Requirements framework integrating the uses and expectations of stakeholders based on our expertise in digital tools and best practices
  • Complete view of the digital solutions on the market
  • Support for the choice and implementation of digital solutions
  • Pragmatic tool-based approach, capitalizing on feedback from large-scale projects in multicultural environments