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At a time when there is a significant investment in digital technology, most companies are asking themselves the same questions: should we invest in these technologies, and to do what? How do you put them into place? What about traditional technologies such as ERP and APS?

There are three elements a company needs to answer these questions: mastery of the relevant technologies to understand what they bring and how to test them, very good knowledge of the specific eco-system of each digital area – which is much more complex than for mature technologies and a pragmatic approach which starts with concrete use cases that demonstrate their feasibility and value. 

Argon & Co has a dedicated digital team and has worked with a large number of clients to deploy initiatives such as the implementation of machine learning for forecasting, tracking of complex flows through IoT, applying RPA to repetitive processes and use of intelligent planning tools. There are many areas where a company may look for assistance: digital operations strategy, IT architecture, assistance in selecting a solution, and implementation support, but the key is to ensure that value is added to the business.