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Introduction and challenges

Despite being little used, HR analytics can predict HR needs, turnover and talent requirements in the future, through the analysis of ever-increasing data. Analytics provides an opportunity, when used properly, to (re)promote the HR function in the company. Indeed, the use of analytics could restore credibility and legitimacy to HR by providing solutions to operational and strategic issues.

With analytics, the forward-looking management of jobs and skills is also reinventing itself by basing its recommendations on a precise analysis of numerous data collected via the company’s systems that “big data” now allows. Whether to manage skills development,  assess recruitment needs or to identify risk factors, HR teams now have the opportunity to become more strategic by adopting an approach that is no longer reactive but proactive, for example, to align skills development with the company’s strategy or to anticipate a disruption in particular professions.

How we can help

Our transformation experience, reinforced by our analytical skills, allows us to:

  • Support companies and their teams in the implementation of their HR analytics projects
  • Provide tailor-made tools to carry out prospective analyses and build recommendations
  • Identify skills required, and the new skill sets that will shape the roles of tomorrow