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The primary aspiration for any manufacturing organization is to manage its operational performance to ensure output meets or exceeds corporate and customer expectations and requirements. It is the bedrock upon which profitability is based, investment decisions are made, future growth is created, and shareholder returns are generated. It is the crux of manufacturing.

The manufacturing landscape is hugely complex and is evolving at an accelerated pace – success in this highly competitive and dynamic market environment means that organizations must become more operationally agile than ever to compete. Optimizing the combination of people, assets, materials, processes and technologies is critical.

At Argon & Co, our consultants understand what it takes to drive consistently successful operational performance in manufacturing. We have worked extensively with some of the world’s largest manufacturing organizations and helped them cut through complexity and address their biggest challenges. We have proven methodologies to help clients assess the current state, clarify the to-be future state, create the transformational roadmap, and identify and diagnose the challenges and improvement opportunities to be addressed on that journey.

We use a data-driven analytical approach to ensure objective decision-making throughout the transformation process. We use it to optimize asset, material, and process performance, focusing on people and the change management process to maximize and accelerate benefits, minimize risk, and ensure improvements are consistently achieved and sustained.

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