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With constrained capex budgets, extending the lifetime of equipment becomes an increasing priority and an ever-increasing collective challenge. Developing the right maintenance plans, and embedding the right operational structure to maintain the optimal condition of assets, is critical to controlling cost and maintaining asset utilization.

Different types of equipment and assets come with different levels of complexity and so maintenance plans and operational support need to be structured accordingly. 

There are broadly four operational models to manage maintenance and after-sales support.

  • Fleet management – e.g. trucks, trains and aircraft
  • Large Infrastructure maintenance – e.g. rail networks
  • Field service – e.g. household appliances
  • Consumer goods aftersales – e.g. common electronics

In each of these models, the customer interface will be different. This interface can range between a direct and personal interaction between the consumer and the operator (e.g. on-site repairs), to an arm’s length B2B interface using help desks and customer contact centers. 

Using our deep experience in maintenance and after-sales we support our clients in designing and implementing the best model to support their business objectives and their customer’s needs, including operational maintenance, customer relations, asset management and spare parts supply chain.