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Introduction and challenges

Many organisations struggle to deploy operational performance improvement initiatives successfully, and even fewer are able to ensure any benefits secured are sustained over the longer term. The lack of a cohesive and disciplined performance management system is a common characteristic of failed in initiatives, and to address this, Argon & Co have created IDEX. 

IDEX is a practical and cross-functional performance management process with reviews, targets and metrics, that is used to evaluate performance, to decide on, and plan, improvement actions, and which monitors execution at all levels of an organisation. It encourages a continuous improvement mind-set and promotes sustainability.

How we can help

Every core process in a business requires an operating system and performance management system to ensure it can consistently meet expectations and targets. IDEX provides a holistic business governance process and is built on a foundation of data-based decision-making and action orientation.

By bringing more rigour and consistency into the daily execution process, ever more activities are controlled in line with defined procedures and priorities. The performance management system is visible to all participants (including leadership) and, as such, it promotes individual and team accountability for agreed actions.

We work with clients to make the processes in scope clearer, identifying and measuring the right in-process metrics and focussing on (and celebrating) the right behaviours and competencies. Leadership participation in IDEX is not only an important contribution, but it demonstrates support to the team, and reinforces the commitment to change by increasing visibility of the leadership team and promotes positive behaviours.

IDEX has been implemented in 1000s of projects, across 100s of clients and is viewed by clients as a key enabler for:

  • Accelerated time to benefit and increased surety of benefits
  • 30-40% increase in labour productivity
  • Significant maintenance savings