The Academy

Achieving operational excellence is not just about updating policies and procedures; it’s about transforming the very fabric of your organisation. In a landscape where businesses face the dual challenge of delivering on strategy and fostering a healthy, positive culture the Argon & Co Academy emerges as the beacon of expertise. Specialising in Lean Operations and Leadership training across all levels, the Argon & Co Academy is dedicated to empowering your teams, enhancing their skills, and driving a profound shift in your organisational dynamics.

Academy priorities

Strategic excellence in capability building necessitates a relentless commitment to evolving service strategies. We understand that delivering value through grassroots cultural transformation requires management commitment, enhanced capability, and clear communication across the organisation. Our priorities revolve around the regular and continuous adaptation of training strategies for Lean, Leadership, and technical training, ensuring that the ever-changing landscape of business demands are met. We optimise training and coaching methodologies to maximise our client capability set and driving a tangible cultural shift.

Academy transformation

Operational transformation goes beyond the realm of systems, processes and procedures; it extends to the heart of your workforce. For Lean Six Sigma, our approach encompasses not only the technical intricacies of the methodology but also the cultural shift required for lasting impact, enabling your organisation to drive transformation from within. Likewise, our leadership training programs don’t merely focus on enhancing skills beyond the technical, but on providing the crucial soft skills essential for effective leadership, coaching and governance. The Academy is your partner in this transformative journey, propelling your teams toward a new era of productivity and leadership excellence.

Helping with training challenges

Navigating the complexities of cultural transformation demands an insightful partner who understands the intricacies of both technical and soft capability sets and their interconnection with operations. The Academy’s team of training experts delves deep to identify the root causes of training challenges, ensuring tangible results for our clients. Our menu of services highlights the array of training challenges we regularly address, from Lean Six Sigma implementation hurdles, through niche technical training to shaping frontline leaders into well-rounded individuals.​

Applying a blend of technical expertise, operational wisdom, business acumen, and a touch of common sense, we help our clients overcome training obstacles and achieve enduring results. Our positive, flexible, and personalised approach, coupled with a willingness to challenge norms where necessary, ensures widespread acceptance across all levels of your organisation.

Academy modules

Confident Frontline Leader

Introduction & Challenges

Many businesses promote high potential technical operators into leadership positions but these Frontline Leaders struggle with their managerial responsibilities. Frontline leaders are the linchpins for successful operations, but many see the following characteristics:

  • Once outstanding operators – now struggling and/or helpless leaders
  • Great at fixing technical issues – but poor at attending to people issues/matters
  • Confident at troubleshooting a single issue – but lack the ability to multi-task

How Argon & Co can help

Our Academy delivers a development pathway equipping high performing operators with the skills & confidence so that today’s Frontline Leaders become tomorrow’s Operations Managers.

The Confident Frontline Leader program includes individual coaching and provides leaders with skills and tools to create & sustain empowered teams

Lean Retail

Introduction & Challenges

In the dynamic landscape of retail, businesses face multifaceted challenges in optimizing store operations, inventory management, and customer experiences. Achieving excellence in omni-channel retailing, enhancing visual merchandising, and fostering effective collaboration with supply chain partners are essential for sustainable growth. Moreover, applying lean principles and embracing data driven decision-making are critical for ensuring business success.

How Argon & Co can help

Our Lean Retail training program is designed to empower retailers with the skills and strategies needed to address key challenges and drive success. Through comprehensive modules, participants learn to optimize store operations, enhance inventory management, and excel in omni-channel retailing.

Lean Logistics

Introduction & Challenges

In the realm of logistics management, businesses encounter a myriad of challenges spanning process optimization, inventory management, transportation efficiency, warehouse operations, and quality management. Ensuring seamless supply chain collaboration, driving continuous improvement initiatives, and reducing costs are paramount for sustainable success.

How Argon & Co can help

The Lean Logistics Academy programs elevate end-to-end efficiency through best-practice Lean capabilities and toolkits to drive a customer-centric supply chain. They help our clients address various challenges in logistics management, including process optimization, inventory management, transportation efficiency, warehouse operations, quality management, supply chain collaboration, continuous improvement, and cost reduction. Client participants will be certified as Lean Practitioner Logistics after successful completion and assessment of their training project.

Lean Manufacturing

Introduction & Challenges

In the pursuit of operational excellence, manufacturing businesses face a multitude of challenges ranging from efficiency and quality improvement to inventory management and cost competitiveness. Elevating productivity, fostering employee engagement, nurturing effective leadership, and maintaining high standards of quality are critical for success in today’s competitive landscape

How Argon & Co can help

The Lean Manufacturing Academy training supports client’s ambition to improve efficiency, quality, productivity, inventory management, employee engagement, leadership, and cost competitiveness through the application of Lean principles and methodologies. Client participants will be certified as Lean Practitioner Manufacturing after successful completion and assessment of training project.

Technical Training

Introduction & Challenges

Some end-to- end supply chain roles are more critical during certain transformation projects. To ensure the success of such a program the proper capabilities and skill sets need to be in place throughout the organisation.

How Argon & Co can help

  • We have an extensive library of learning pathways customised for roles in an end-to-end supply chain, from your most junior staff up to the executive team.
  • Our library is structured around our proprietary scprime® framework, to ensure that our training draws on best practices across the entire supply chain.

Custom Training

If you have a specific capability gap, we can work with you to develop a customised technical training program. Drawing from our extensive global experience, we can tailor training to your industry, geography and functional area. Contact us to find out more.

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