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Introduction and challenges

A 360° view of suppliers is a basic requirement that is still a major challenge for procurement organisations. Using digital technology makes it possible to accelerate collaboration methods for both administrative updates and innovation or co-development platforms.

Procurement departments already work on many aspects of the supplier relationship, across the entire collaboration cycle, not just the commercial or litigation phases. Procurement must work to maintain, where relevant, a pool of potential suppliers whilst measuring the current supply base on quality, cost, time, innovation and risk management. The data needed to meet these objectives are multifaceted, multi-source and require frequent updates to allow good decision-making.

How we can help 

We support our customers in several aspects of the supplier relationship:

  • Implementation of SRM (supplier relationship management) processes and tools
  • Deployment of a design to value approach between principals and key suppliers
  • Redesign of innovation or co-innovation approaches with suppliers
  • Evaluation of the digital continuity of customer / supplier information flows
  • Implementation of supplier performance monitoring procedures (quality, cost, time, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the maturity of existing tools and digital SRM performance plan