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Introduction and challenges

The rapidly evolving world of warehouse and distribution fulfilment is consistently demanding more from its ageing and legacy information systems and infrastructure. With increasing labour costs has come an increased awareness that technology must enable labour to be more efficient. Only through the seamless integration of technology, systems and operations can you truly sustain an accurate, productive and engaged workforce.

By focusing on the design, implementation, and optimization of information technology (IT) systems for warehouse management, our experts help businesses leverage technology to streamline their warehouse operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. It is imperative that you are able to confidently deploy information systems which enable your warehousing, distribution and fulfilment whilst also creating the ultimate fulfilment experience.

How we can help

Our Intralogistics experts have dedicated their lives to delivering warehouse systems that work. Our passion to create meaningful workplaces means that we focus on ensuring that not only do your systems achieve the requirements and specifications, but also that they represent best-practise processes, streamlined operations and the flexibility to meet your future goals.

Our services include the definition, procurement and delivery of the following warehouse systems:

  • Mobility, RF, Voice and Augmented picking solutions
  • Warehouse Control Systems, Warehouse Execution Systems, Unified Control Systems
  • Labour and Resource Planning Systems
  • Order Fulfilment and Order Management Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Transport Management Systems
  • Slotting, Inventory and Product Lifecycle Management Systems

Our unique approach to business and systems integration means that we are able to remain an independent party using proven delivery approach to maximise outcomes for our clients.