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Introduction and challenges

The development of the Internet of Things (IOT) is paving the way for a real supply chain revolution with the promise of new visibility on flows, which, until now, have been poorly managed because they have not been monitored.

The emergence of dedicated global and low cost IOT networks (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT etc.) has significantly lowered the full cost of data collection (position, temperature, shock, light, humidity etc) compared to previous generations. IoT sensors are now low cost, autonomous for several years, with a subscription cost of a few pounds per year through cloud-based solutions. This makes it possible to automatically track millions of fixed or mobile objects: finished and semi-finished products, containers, durable containers, tools etc.

New use cases are now profitable and accessible for operations: tracking international shipments, optimising fleets of thousands of assets, accelerating production flows, anti-theft protection, grey market, automatic replenishment, and predictive maintenance, amongst others. 

How we can help

With a constantly evolving IoT market, Argon & Co supports you in the design and selection of your customised IoT solution, based on:

  • Its recognised business expertise in supply chain and logistics
  • Its partnerships within the IoT ecosystem (networks, sensor manufacturers, solutions etc.)
  • Its own IoT platform enabling fast and unconstrained experimentation
  • Its experience with innovative IoT projects: creation of a joint venture with Michelin for container tracking (SafeCube), and the world’s first flow tracking system with Guerlain

Our approach allows us to work with you on your entire IoT project to: 

  • Identify the use cases of IoT in your organisation
  • Build the business case with an assessment of expected benefits and costs
  • Experiment quickly thanks to our agile solutions that allow us to measure the relevance of the solution tested (proof of value)
  • Produce a first concept of the optimal sensor and network solutionand implementation strategy (market solution or development)
  • Anticipate the impact on the organisation, business and systems and support the associated transformation
  • Develop and deploy IoT solutions (tracker + platform) with a particular focus on quality and time-to-market