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Introduction and challenges

Bringing about truly sustainable operations will involve wide-ranging changes in activities in all functions. It will include eco-design during product development, the selection of responsible suppliers within purchasing, adopting responsible production techniques and considering which country to base operations in within manufacturing, thoroughly eco-conscious transport and distribution logistics operations, and the development of the circular economy in after sales services.

It needs strong technical and business expertise in these areas to tackle each function’s specific challenges, facilitate trade-offs, and gain buy-in for the target.

The other key success factor is expertise in leading complex and cross-functional change programmes. Transforming a business towards sustainable operations means a radical shift in mindsets and behaviours as well as mastering new operational excellence standards.

This kind of transformation offers an incredible opportunity because the issues at stake reach people on a different plane, developing a consensus around a shared eco-responsible vision and responding to the human need for ‘meaning at work’.

The success of the project will depend on how this deeper meaning is embedded amongst teams; indeed doing so can act as a catalyst to bring about lasting change across the organisation.

How we can help

Argon & Co combines business expertise across the entire scope of operations, knowledge of environmental issues, and complex transformation programmes, to support companies in the responsible transformation of their operations:

  • An approach rigorously rooted in operational excellence in each function – new products, purchasing, logistics, etc. including using our scprime® methodology
  • Management of the transformation programme including multiple workstreams, functions, and their interdependencies
  • Definition and implementation of relevant KPIs with accountability matrices
  • Provider of expertise whenever necessary on specialist subjects – operational excellence and environmental standards
  • Support in managing the human effects of transformation including organisation evolution and innovative engagement approaches