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Introduction and challenges

Our Supply Chain Delivery Performance approach is an operating system and improvement methodology focusing on improving OTD (on time delivery) performance against customer requested delivery dates, whilst reducing inventory and cost of supply. The methodology focuses on understanding and eliminating variations in all aspects of the supply chain, from customer orders to procurement and delivery. A stable supply chain is reliable and predictable; an agile supply chain is one that is capable of delivering against the customer requested delivery date when that might fluctuate from order to order and from customer to customer.

How we can help

This approach is a structured deployment method based on ten steps and three deliverables at each stage, involving clarification of the opportunity, definition, and deployment of the transitional roadmap, and ensuring changes made and benefits secured are sustainable.

The combination of Stable Ops™ and Supply Chain Delivery Performance is powerful. Where Stable Ops™ helps to create free capacity, Supply Chain Delivery Performance ensures utilisation of this free capacity for optimal impact to the business and its customers.

Customers experience immediate impact on supply reliability. Operational focus shifts from providing customers the level of service the business can afford to finding better, faster, and more cost effective ways to consistently provide the customer with what they want, when they want it.

  • Typical client results include:
  • Improved customer satisfaction, fewer complaints
  • Service levels 95%+ to customer request (98%+ to customer promise)
  • Inventory reduction of 20 – 40%
  • Supply chain costs reduced by 10% or more
  • Supply chain operating system to systematically drive further improvements
  • New supply chain improvement language