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Introduction and challenges

Field service management involves a number of trade-offs and challenges, including contract compliance, cost control and cash optimization. 

As well as balancing these core trade-offs, the scope of activity undertaken is broad in order to cover the management of the resources required for corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance operations. There are many priorities to balance and conflicts to manage.

Field service is a strategic activity in a number of sectors, including manufacturing, infrastructure, telecommunications, fleets, home healthcare, household electrical products, and self-service vending machines.

The priorities and dynamics vary between industries, however many good practices can be shared across sectors to improve the field service performance.

How we can help 

Argon & Co supports its clients from the definition of strategy to the implementation of all field service management components and broad operational improvements, including:

  • Organizational design and people capability development
  • Processes improvement and design of tactical, operational and scheduling planning processes
  • Information systems and master data design 
  • Performance management including KPIs, dashboard design and continuous improvement processes
  • Maintenance policy reviews to find the optimum balance between preventive and curative maintenance operations 
  • Segmentation and design of supply chain channels, inventory and parts management to meet service targets