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Introduction and challenges

The maintenance of a fleet of vehicles or mobile equipment presents a unique dynamic. An ongoing conflict needs to be managed between maximizing asset utilization whilst balancing downtime linked to preventative and reactive maintenance.

It’s is vital, in order to minimize CAPEX and OPEX requirements, to accurately size the fleet to ensure just enough surplus capacity to absorb enough down-time to carry out maintenance. This principle of maintenance planning is known as Maintenance in Operation Condition (or MOC). 

MOC strategies are complex and careful modeling is required to optimize the amount of time that equipment is available to undertake preventative and reactive maintenance. A MOC strategy must also be agile enough to adapt and respond to unforeseen circumstances that may change the planned maintenance slots.

Maintaining the balance between asset utilization and maintenance, using MOC, is an important lever to sustaining both long-term profitability and stable service levels. 

How we can help

Argon & Co has significant experience and expertise in fleet management from diagnostic to implementation, including: 

  • Identifying performance issues and developing tactical action plans for rapid improvements
  • Developing people capabilities to ensure that operational staff have the ability to implement identified changes 
  • Understanding planning and scheduling processes over different time frames
  • Implementing supplier development initiatives 
  • Improving the management of spare parts and maintenance operations, including repair processes, and selection of appropriate tools and technology to support efficient operations 

Strategic design of asset location and supporting logistics systems, including the number of maintenance sites required and associated inventories