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Introduction and challenges

In an increasingly competitive international context, companies must refocus on their strategic and high value-added activities, whilst benefiting from the performance of their suppliers. Determining what is made in-house and what is outsourced is the role of Make or Buy, a decision-making tool in manufacturing strategy.

Decision making must take into account the following criteria: (1) the strategic nature of the activity, (2) the difference in competitiveness between internal and external solutions, (3) the ability to outsource certain links in the value chain and (4) the control of suppliers and their integration into optimised flows.

How we can help 

Argon & Co has developed its own methodology that allows it to support companies and management committees in each step of the Make or Buy process:

  • Definition of the analytical framework and process and technical segmentation of activities
  • Qualification of the strategic interest of the process/product
  • Qualification of the level of competitiveness of processes and products
  • Economic evaluation and construction of the associated business case
  • Definition of the roadmap and operational implementation plan

Argon & Co also supports its clients in:

  • Implementing the recommendations resulting from the Make or Buy analysis
  • Qualifying suppliers (or partners) 
  • Strengthening internal practices to improve the competitiveness of core business activities