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Introduction and challenges

Soft processes encompass a range of tasks that rely on human intuition, involving regular and repetitive actions.

These processes often require subjective decision-making, adaptability, and an understanding of context, making them distinct from more rigid and rule-based procedures that can be addressed through RPA/RCA (Robotic Process/Cognitive Automation). Examples of soft processes can include creative problem-solving, customer interactions, and strategic decision-making, where human expertise and judgment play a crucial role in achieving desired outcomes.

Without an approach encompassing data management, transformation, Generative AI and RPA, there is a big challenge to achieve the desired level of automation and outcomes.

How we can help

Through our trademarked Soft-process Automation solution (SPA), we combine four key pillars of data management, transformation, generative AI and RPA/RCA to assist our clients in reaching the next level of automation:

  • Data management: Helping leverage data more effectively, turning it into a powerful tool for insights, decision-making, and strategic direction
  • Transformation: Providing the support necessary to onboard a journey to turn complex functional challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Generative AI: Enhancing complex business processes through the use of Generative AI (including Large Language Models) to improve efficiency
  • Robotic Process / Cognitive Automation: Applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Cognitive Automation (RCA) to routine tasks to reduce manual effort and minimise errors

By bringing together advanced technologies, effective data management, and a collaborative approach, Soft-process Automation  allows for a more flexible, adaptive, and efficient management of end-to-end operations. Through a series of discovery workshops, we will work hand-in-hand with our clients’ teams to shape the unique automation solution need to match the true requirements of each business.