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Introduction and challenges

Setting up a shared services organization implies moving from a model where each entity or business unit has any needed group resource at its disposal to a model where group resources are pooled and internally re-invoiced.

When properly implemented, a shared services organization makes the company more efficient; the service provided improves and associated costs decrease. Key best practices must be in place to unlock these benefits, however: governance mechanisms with “internal customer” entities (including SLA, KPI, committees, re-invoicing), a quality management system, a continuous improvement approach integrating efficiency levers (simplification, end to end process standardization, automation) and above all placing human resources management at the heart of shared services’ performance through an appropriate HR policy.

More specifically, digital technology can make a step-change in performance. Productivity gaps are widening between centers that adopt new technologies such as agile SaaS cloud solutions, RPA, artificial intelligence, dematerialization and workflow and those who do not. Between the best-in-class and the low-performers, we encounter gaps in productivity ratios ranging from 2x to 6x depending on the process. In addition, companies without a shared services organization are much less prepared to deploy these new technologies.

How can we help?

Argon & Co’s experts have strong knowledge of the operational excellence levers of a shared services center and the technologies to support their clients seeking better performance. We challenge your shared services organization fueled by benchmarks and best practices proven in other centers. We offer concrete and actionable recommendations, tailored to your situation.
The issues we address include:

  • How to improve the governance of your center
  • Which steering system (e.g. service quality, performance) should you choose?
  • Which win-win re-invoicing model should you implement? 
  • How can you launch a continuous improvement process?
  • Which human resources management policy is appropriate for your center?
  • What is the digital maturity level of your center? What is the gap?
  • What are the efficiency and quality challenges?
  • What technological choices can you make to increase efficiency?

We work closely with our clients to develop their shared services transformation roadmap and support them to achieve sustained results.