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Introduction and challenges

Meeting the business challenges of today, whether they be of service, cost, lead time or any other indicator, requires a structured, company-wide approach to be as effective as possible. With workers and project leaders speaking a common language and using common methods, any level of improvement is possible. Most companies have found that the combination of Lean production tools to optimise flow, plus the data-based rigour of the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology (define, measure, analyse, improve, control) deliver year on year business results, as well as providing the cultural changes necessary to make their organisation better aligned to the challenges provided by the twenty first century and its constantly changing environment.

The continued benefits of using data to relentlessly pursue variation in processes and identify the true root causes of problems, plus the insistence on making these improvements permanent through application of the control phase of the projects, is one that is as relevant and powerful now as it was in the 1990s when General Electric and many other companies were first developing and deploying these tools at a business wide level.

How we can help

Rich in a heritage from General Electric, and also trained in the factories of Toyota, we are perfectly placed to support clients in the roll out of Lean Six Sigma initiatives, whether it is through discrete action training sessions or the full implementation of company-wide Lean Six Sigma programmes. From the very specific business driven for purpose programmes that focus relentlessly on burning priorities, to the wider programmes that prioritise learning and cultural change, we can support clients to reduce implementation time and to ensure speed of execution.

Our consultants are experts in working with teams on the shop floor, making our action training a key contributor to success. Identifying the required organisational structure to support transformation, as well as helping to decide which people to place in the key positions, ensures that the transfer of knowledge to clients is also done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have many years’ experience in helping clients to start, speed up or revitalise Lean Six Sigma efforts and ensure that programmes can deliver the financial and cultural results that were planned for.