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Introduction and challenges

The industrial world is changing and so are manufacturers. Changes in markets such as globalization and the emergence of low-cost countries, and the evolution of customer behaviors and demand with regards to the expected level of service, proximity and pressure on prices, changes in companies (the development of new products and markets, acquisitions, etc.) are all variables that lead manufacturing companies to review their development strategy.

As a result, it is necessary to align manufacturing (and supply chain/logistics) structures with these development strategies. 

The redesign of a company’s manufacturing footprint is designed to improve the positioning of production units in terms of geographical location, size, production technologies and product range. Plans are developed, taking into consideration the commercial strategy, including markets, volumes and products. The idea is to design the optimal solution considering proximity to customers and to product/process design and suppliers or raw material reserves, cost savings (logistics simplification, labor costs), risks (social and political) and managerial capacity (talent attraction, versatility.).

The key question is how to manufacture in the most efficient way while meeting business constraints?

How we can help 

Argon & Co supports its clients in each of the development stages of their manufacturing strategy:

  • Definition of the manufacturing strategy or how to manufacture to meet business expectations
  • Designing manufacturing plans (medium-long term vision) using our modeling and optimization tools 
  • Identification of suitable technical, financial and human resources
  • Compatibility with environmental, human, geographical and cultural constraints
  • Creating a change management plan for the implementation
  • Deployment and implementation of the plan