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Introduction and challenges

The new tools offered by technology, both in terms of hardware and software, are as promising in terms of opportunities as they are in terms of changes in the organization and execution of work in production. Digital manufacturing, in which the design, manufacturing and production management process are fully digitalized, is based in particular on intelligent and connected operations and equipment, offering vast potential in terms of productivity gains, cost reduction and competitiveness.

The major challenge is to know if /which technological innovations can provide a definite response to the six “classic” manufacturing challenges: reduce non-value-added and non-quality, increase productivity, improve asset availability, optimize capacity, reduce development times and cycle times, and reduce inventories.

This is why it is essential to give meaning and priority to initiatives in the face of a plethora of technologies and innovations that are fuelling the digital revolution.

This means understanding the basic foundations of these innovations and linking them to operational operating modes to guide manufacturers in their strategic choices and in the concrete implementation “in the field”.

How we can help 

By developing specific tools based on its operational experience, Argon & Co is able to support manufacturers in the upstream phases of defining the digital strategy as well as in the more operational phases of maturity assessment or implementation support. Examples include:

  • Digital process control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Paperless factory or process dematerialization (e.g. maintenance) projects

For each of these projects, Argon & Co provides a defined technological response by drawing on its start-up network or by developing “tailor-made” solutions from its digital factory (dedicated internal digital team). Committed to providing concrete and pragmatic solutions to our clients, we are developing expertise focused on a few technological verticals, which have a real impact on operational performance.