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Introduction and challenges

Leaders of transformations today need to recognize that change is both inevitable and constant. Being able to inspire others to understand the need for change and align everyone behind a clear vision is, without doubt, one of the most valuable leadership skills.

The new breed of leaders must be strong and powerful. They must run the company and conduct business as usual whilst constantly innovating, forging new opportunities and thinking strategically. Leaders need to be comfortable with the rapid pace of change, embracing rather than fighting it. 

Increasingly, leaders who design their transformation initiatives to support desired shifts in mindsets and behaviors see the most successful transformations. Leaders who engage entire workforces with the appropriate mindset are those that sustain the changes. 

We work at all levels of leadership with our clients, from the CEO and their team through to line management. We bring tried and tested methods along with real operational experience, to help align leaders to confidently execute strategy. We support leaders as they deliver large, complex programs, engaging effectively with the areas of the organization that are impacted.

How we can help

We partner with client leadership teams both collectively and individually to establish a clear roadmap of their journey to becoming a higher-performing team. We work with client leaders at all stages of their transformation journey, matching our support services to fit their specific needs. 

The types of support we offer include:

  • Clear establishment of the transformation context and the environment in which the transformation is being driven
  • Building commitment for the strategic direction of the transformation and a clear articulation of the leadership challenge to delivering the desired future state
  • Defining the role that the leadership team will play in ensuring the transformation is a success
  • Objective assessment of individual and collective capability of the leaders, in the context of the transformation ambition
  • Facilitated development of insight into the team dynamics as a basis for developing a roadmap for becoming a higher performing team
  • Bespoke design of leadership alignment support to client leadership teams to build leadership capability
  • Creation of clear communications to support the leaders in engaging the wider organization in the transformation

Effective leadership of transformation needs to be tackled through the real change work the leaders need to do, to both operate and transform their organizations. It needs to be rooted in the core principals of change leadership, striking a balance between getting the basics right and the courage to go after adaptive behavioral change which delivers sustained competitive advantage.