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Introduction and challenges

In an ultra-connected world, trends are becoming global, and “influencers” promote impulsive one-click purchases on social networks. The ability to launch new products very quickly is becoming a major performance lever for consumer goods manufacturers. 

In this context, companies are reviewing their processes to enable them to accelerate the launch of new products and anticipate market expectations to target increasingly volatile customers. 

As these processes are naturally multi-function processes, they require a strong ability to coordinate actions and manage their implementation and risks. In addition to encouraging internal contribution, the challenge is also to rely on a network of partner suppliers who view innovation as a priority and refocus on where the company can add the most value. 

While the deadline aspect is important, the optimisation of development processes must allow the control of product cost prices, from the design phase onwards, to ensure profitable marketing throughout the product life cycle.

How we can help 

We advise our clients on: 

  • Redefinition of the process for new product introduction: economic analysis procedures, key milestones, role of launch project manager, etc
  • Decreasing time to market by simplifying launch schedules 
  • Organisation of development teams and improving links with internal customers
  • Optimisation of development resources and internal costs 
  • Support in the implementation of product development tools – PLM (product lifecycle management) allowing an acceleration and securing of development processes
  • Development of co-innovation with suppliers 
  • Optimisation of the forecasting process for new product collaborative work, assessments on similar events
  • Simplification of the product portfolio and reduction of complexity (components, bill of material, etc.)
  • Stock optimisation: stock sizing and safety time for new products and promotions, identification of obsolescence on impacted catalogue products