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Introduction and challenges

A company’s skills in technological innovation have become fundamental to performance. There are three levels on which it enables a company to differentiate itself: agility (in the face of business and customer demands), efficiency and attractiveness to new talent. The potential disruption by new market entrants presents significant risk given the speed at which new business models are emerging. The need for an ambitious and clear digital and IT roadmap is, therefore bigger than ever.

Succeeding in technological innovation requires choices and investments characterized by unknown or seemingly negative returns. It is a highly complex process as it depends on several challenging tasks: distinguishing the “hype” from the true stars among technologies, managing internal push-back, providing external benchmarks, prioritizing use cases, measuring the right level of investment, and knowing when to invest in-house or establish partnerships. 

Also, new technologies such as data science, IoT, mobile, automation, robots, and blockchain are shaking up existing business models. These technologies are changing the landscape in terms of productivity, transparency and visibility.

As a result, organizations face two challenges: 

First, to what extent can technology transform my business processes? What skills should we acquire to support these productivity and innovation changes? What are the best use cases to target and how should we to prioritize impactful initiatives?

Second, what are the potential disruptions in our value chain? How can we anticipate them and position ourselves to profit rather than suffer from them? What technologies are at the heart of these changes? How can we team up with external actors – start-ups, tech players, customers, suppliers – to address this challenge?

How we can help

Argon & Co is recognized by Gartner as one of the leaders in digital operations. We support our clients in developing a digital strategy through the:

  • Organization of a digital discovery day: external testimonies, decoding of technologies and use cases and macro roadmap (EXCOM seminars of one to two days)
  • Preparation of a digital operations strategy 
  • Platform strategy design and new business models