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The retail industry is undergoing unprecedented change worldwide. The last decade has seen the rapid growth of e-commerce pure players, particularly in non-food, with very different cost structures to traditional players. There is pressure on margins (loss of traffic and/or revenue, reduced margins on e-commerce sales and differential growth in revenue/costs) and consumers are increasingly informed and versatile.


The ability of retailers to offer a differentiated consumer experience or range of products, to radically optimize end to end costs to compensate for margin losses and finance necessary investments, and to guarantee operational excellence are now pre-requisites for survival. 

With rising consumer expectations and pressures, digital initiatives are necessary to transform the customer experience, develop consumer insight and evolve supply chain management, sales forecasting, price management, promotions and store operations.

How we can help

We work with 10 of the 25 largest retailers in Europe and some of the leading retailers in the US, in all areas of the value chain.

We help our clients to define their end to end operations strategy and to implement transformations.

Reinvention of the retail model

  •  omnichannel strategy
  •  definition of the role of stores and strategy to leverage assets
  • innovation management (choice of technology, partnership)
  • advanced data management (management of advanced data, use of all available data)

Digital transformation

  • AI (customer experience, consumer insight and supply management, sales forecasting, price management, promotion and store operations)
  • digital in store
  • RPA

Store operations

  • service strategy
  • productivity and lean of point of sale
  • resource planning
  • back-office process optimisation stores

Procurement strategy

  • procurement performance management
  • optimisation and organisation of sourcing offices
  • supplier negotiation performance
  • supplier collaborations

Supply chain

  • supply chain strategy
  • organisation and management of the supply chain
  • supply optimisation
  • multi-channel management and order orchestration
  • IT supply chain master plan


  • service policy store/internet
  • end-to-end optimisation
  • logistics master plan
  • organisation and management of store/web logistics
  • logistics performance plans
  • mechanisation/automation
  • transport optimisation

Back office

  • optimisation of back office functions
  • shared services and outsourcing
  • optimisation/automation of support processes
  • service and performance management

Transformation and change management

  • transformation plan
  • mobilisation of stakeholders
  • support for the transformation of businesses and organisations