Artificial Intelligence (AI) has profoundly influenced the dynamics of modern work, communication, and problem-solving. Among its myriad applications, chatbots stand out as one of the most widely adopted manifestations of AI technology. They facilitate natural and immersive interactions across diverse domains and platforms. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to recognize the divergence in capabilities among chatbots. While some are versatile in handling various types of inquiries and dialogues, others are specialized in specific tasks or functions

This whitepaper written by Guilhem Delorme, Associate Partner at Argon & Co, explains why specialized AI assistants are superior to general-purpose chatbots. It also outlines a straightforward approach to building and deploying them in an organisation, using a platform-based strategy. Additionally, it provides a detailed plan, drawing from Argon & Co’s experience and industry standards, to help to effectively integrate and promote the adoption of these specialized AI assistants.


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