Argon & Co and Supply Chain Village introduce their first podcast episode of the serie Crossed Perspectives: « Implementing S&OP: usefulness, best practices and key success factors” with the contribution of Xavier MORELON, Head of Supply Chain at Servier and Frank KAKAL, Partner at Argon & Co.  

S&OP is a strategic process enabling the right decision to be taken, with the right level of anticipation, at the right level of the company. It ensures consistency between the objectives of different departments: sales, marketing, operations and finance.  

For Supply Chain Village, Xavier MORELON and Franck KAKAL take a look at the various stages involved in implementing the S&OP process. Drawing on his experience at Servier, Xavier provides answers to the following questions:  

What are the benefits of implementing an S&OP process within a company? What are the prerequisites for implementing such a process? What are the key success factors in the short, medium and long term?   

The crossed perspectives between Supply Chain experts provides the keys to successfully implementing an S&OP process, and to ensuring that its benefits are sustained over the long term. 



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