Welcome back to another episode of “Crossed Perspectives,” brought to you by Argon & Co and Supply Chain Village. In this episode, we explore the migration from air to sea in the supply chain, within the life sciences industry. 

Joining the conversation we have Fabrice Corbière, Partner at Argon & Co, and, Antoine Tracq, Head of Global Logistics and Serialization at Galderma. Together, they’ll be looking back at Galderma’s journey of embracing sustainability in supply chain management and understanding how this led them to resounding success. 

Antoine also offers valuable advice on how to find a balance between the four major components that are cost, service, stock and sustainability, along with unpacking details on : 

  • How to launch an air to sea project 
  • What is at stake when launching an air to sea project 
  • How to align management teams with contradictory stakes 

For further guidance on running an air to sea project – Tune in! 

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