Over the last 8 weeks, Argon & Co ANZ have been working with Red Nose Australia on an operational and strategic review of their clothing collection business, which raises money to fund research, support grieving families and provide life-saving education and prevention resources to save little lives across Australia.

Following a deep dive to understand the cost and revenue drivers, pain points and opportunities within each of the clothing collection channels, the team worked together to build a transformation roadmap aimed at delivering sustainable and positive change over the next 18 months, in line with the strategic vision of the business.

Examples of cost out initiatives included leveraging route optimisation and planning tools to increase driver trip efficiency. The other key pillar of the strategy was aimed at growing collection volumes, where we worked as a team to assess the viability of entering new markets and also explored opportunities to leverage partnerships and different operating models to drive up clothing donation rates. Argon & Co also supported the business by identifying improvements within the stock management process and building an updated operational dashboard to ensure the team have timely access to the right data, in order to make informed decisions and course-correct if required.

This pro-bono project formed part of Argon & Co ANZ’s pledge to donate 1% of our time to non-for-profits and volunteering efforts. The Red Nose Australia clothing collection business also contributes to the circular economy by helping to divert some of the 200,000 tonnes of old clothing that make it into landfill in Australia each year. Overall the project, in partnership with Red Nose Australia, demonstrated strong alignment with Argon & Co’s new ESG proposition, which is underpinned by having a positive impact on our community and the planet.

Following a project share with the internal team and a guest appearance from Red Nose Australia’s CFO, Andrew Hutchins, our Melbourne team were inspired to book an online collection to donate their unwanted clothing and contribute to this great cause. We would encourage anyone in Victoria or South Australia with unwanted clothing or homewares to do the same, using the following link: https://rednose.org.au/page/book-a-pick-up

Keren Ludski, CEO of Red Nose, shared her immense gratitude to Brendt who has worked on the project to date. “Brendt’s grasp of the clothing collection business in such a short period of time was incredible. He was able to quickly and efficiently work with us to understand the strengths and weaknesses in our current model and provide a framework moving forward that will increase the profitability of this social enterprise. This will result in more funds being raised going straight into program delivery. We are so grateful to Brendt and the Argon & Co team.”


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