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Introduction and challenges

The deployment of digital solutions challenges the definition of the value of the procurement function as well as the services it delivers within its own department, for internal customers, and for suppliers. Procurement teams are facing many changes: decision-making cycles are getting shorter, partners’ business models are becoming more complex, B2C uses are becoming the norm and some technologies such as machine learning or RPA are now being widely deployed in the most innovative companies. The first step is often the deployment of traditional source to pay tools, but the procurement function must quickly go beyond this to maintain its role within the company.¬†

Digital procurement is part of the buying revolution. Category management is becoming intelligent, supplier performance management is increasingly proactive, purchasing process transactions are becoming automated and information continuity between the company and its suppliers is becoming a strategic performance issue. Finally, marketplaces must become integrated into the daily lives of specifiers by reinventing the role of the buyer in this tripartite relationship.

How we can help

We support our clients in all aspects of digital procurement:

  • Diagnosis of the digital maturity of the function with a particular focus on the use of tools but also the introduction of the concept, process and suppliers which would make a step-change in performance¬†
  • Digital discovery seminar to help the function plan and build its 4.0 roadmap beyond the common tools of the procurement profession
  • Redesign of the procurement service offer
  • Implementation of digital continuity with suppliers
  • Support to implement innovative solutions (marketplace, chatbot, RPA, analytics etc.)