Argon & Co surveyed over 200 logistics professionals, executives, and management teams globally on a range of topics within logistics from increasing costs and relationship management to adapting to change and supply chain visibility.

Unprecedented change has become the latest industry and media trigger word due to the disruption to supply chain caused by COVID, the conflict in Europe, Brexit, global shipping costs, and inflation. Its no surprise that many businesses have

adopted short-term thinking to firefight unexpected issues. However, with change and supply chain disruption not going away anytime soon the challenge for businesses is balancing the now with 2025 and beyond.

Our 2022 survey results shed light on four key areas businesses should focus on in order to be protected against supply chain disruption:

  • Managing and controlling ever-increasing costs
  • Finding, securing, and retaining people or partners and developing their skills
  • Forecasting and adapting to changes in customer demand profiles
  • Establishing and enhancing product and material availability and supply chain visibility



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