Sustainability has more and more become an important topic of business leaders the past years. Not only the climate change but also other environmental challenges the world is facing such as lack of resources, pollution and waste management are now high up on the agenda. Environmentally conscious consumer and increasing regulations add to the complexity. Most organisation efforts to address these challenges are limited to obvious topics such as reducing their carbon footprint or energy consumption. What is missing, is a multifaceted approach that takes into account social, economic, and environmental factors, and an end-to-end view of the value chain, including indirect factors such as raw material, sourcing as well as regulatory compliance and environmental management. After all, the environmental goals and regulations must be matched without compromising on commercial drivers like cost, inventory, and service.

There are four main phases in sustainability consulting


Many companies lack visibility of the environmental impact of their end-to-end value chain, focussing on obvious factors but missing out on the real contributors. Thus, creating the necessary transparency from raw materials, through production, distribution to end customers until the disposal, is key to identify the main levers. We at Argon & Co have the necessary data modelling capability and understanding of source data to conduct such end-to-end analysis to identify key levers


Based on the areas that have been identified an environmental excellence strategy will be developed and implemented along the four key areas: climate, biodiversity, resources, and health. Solutions can range from supplier selection, transport optimisation, manufacturing improvements, as well as inventory and recycling strategies and many more.


For the implementation part, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Prerequisite for the success of sustainable solutions is that they take the individual maturity levels into account and use best practice approaches to transform operations into an environmental sustainable one.


No different to other operational excellence improvements initiatives, sustainable solutions must work over time. This will be done using advanced digital management solutions and integrated management systems (such as IDEX) to maintain the achieved levels of operations and to constantly identify and pursue further environmental opportunities

Consulting on environmental issues is a critical field that plays a vital role in addressing the world’s environmental challenges. Sustainable solutions need to be identified, implemented and monitored across the entire value chain and not be limited to the seemingly obvious topics Argon & Co is the competent partner to accompany your organisation on that challenging journey and implement sustainable solutions that promote economic development, environmental protection whilst not compromising on your commercial objectives.

Sven Legler


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