Supply Chain Movement has mentioned Argon & Co in their tenth edition of the consultancy subway map.

According to Supply Chain Movement ”The tenth edition of the SCM Consulting Subway Map of Europe is based on information provided by the consulting firms themselves. A combination of the number of consulting projects completed, the market share by revenue for each specific area of advice, the size of the company and the degree of specialization determines whether a company gets its own subway station on the relevant line, thus visualizing the company’s proven expertise”.

To be included on this subway map, a consulting firm must have offices in more than one European country or also on other continents. For each specific area of advice, the consulting firms were also asked to name the three competitors that they come up against most regularly when pitching for projects. The companies that named each other most often are located closest together on the map.

When asked about our most compelling project of 2022, Argon & Co cited the application of artificial intelligence in the ForecastCore framework for a French global luxury goods brand. Based on internal figures such as point-of-sales data and external data such as the Covid index and social media statistics, the company used the tool to improve forecast accuracy per region by 10 percentage points on average, and by up to 38 percentage points for slow movers. 

Argon & Co has been mentioned for the following services:

  1. Supply Chain Strategy
  2. Lean Kaizen Six Sigma & Process Optimisation
  3. Sourcing, Outsourcing, Procurement
  4. Distribution & Logistics, Management Optimisation
  5. Working Capital & Cash to Cash Optimisation
  6. S&OP, Forecasting, Demand and Supply Planning
  7. Inventory Management & Optimisation

Download the subway map on the SCM website:

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