Argon & Co, the global management consultancy specialising in operations transformation, and Thinxtra, the Internet of Things (IoT) Telco, are collaborating to improve supply chain visibility, cost, performance, and efficiency for clients.

Global supply chains face growing pressure to deliver smooth operations, from changing customer expectations and buying patterns, evolving economic fundamentals, emerging technologies and extreme climate events. As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt globally, supply chain vulnerabilities are emerging, driving the need for more efficient asset utilisation.

“In our current era of disruption, few industries are experiencing more upheaval than supply chain, transportation and logistics providers. These providers are increasingly examining how to improve asset visibility and utilisation rates, reduce costs, optimise inventory levels and create new service offerings to enhance customer value,” says David Bissett, Partner, Argon & Co Australia and New Zealand.

“Creating resilience to supply chain-operations is becoming more and more critical for successful business operations. Argon & Co have proven experience creating successful transformations across supply chains of all maturities. Their deep industry knowledge supports practical customer conversations to design fit-for-purpose, end-to-end IoT solutions that deliver better business outcomes,” says Loic Barancourt, CEO, Thinxtra.

Both companies bring extensive experience of designing and deploying successful IoT projects to the partnership and share a technology-agnostic approach to IoT solution design, which allows for choice of the ‘best fit’ technology to suit a specific application.

The partnership started to forge when Argon & Co worked with the French Sigfox 0G Network Operator, to help Michelin optimise its supply chain efficiency and resilience through IoT enabled sea-freight container tracking and monitoring. Partnering with Thinxtra, The IoT Telco and exclusive Sigfox 0G Network Operator for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau was a logical next step for both organisations.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Thinxtra, who are headquartered in Sydney and the leader in IoT services in the region. Digital enablement of operations management has never been so critical for our clients, most of whom face short-term business recovery challenges, and issues of operational resilience and agility in a post-COVID-19 era. Greater transparency of end-to-end operations, real-time control of stock flow and asset utilisation, and data insights driving operational management will be key value drivers of future supply chains. Our partnership gives our clients the IoT operational services and solutions they need from Thinxtra, and the consulting expertise to transform operations, generate real change and create real competitive value from digital investments,” says Bissett.

“As industry-recognised leaders who transform customer performance and create lasting change, we’re excited to partner with Argon & Co to create tangible outcomes for our joint clients across a range of common supply chain use cases including container tracking, asset control, automatic replenishment, real-time value stream mapping and predictive maintenance,” concludes Barancourt.

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