At supply chain consulting firm Crimson & Co collaboration and culture are the foundation on which the company nurtures relationships with its clients and consultants.

‘The Crimson & Co culture is unique and is often remarked upon by clients and new members of our team,’ says Director and Co-founder Crispin Mair. ‘We work well together and we work well with our clients, providing new ideas, robust solutions and constructive challenge in an approachable way.’

Crispin recently checked in with Top Consultant online to discuss more of Crimson’s values as well as offer his insight on what consultants should and shouldn’t do to become more effective leaders. Here’s what he had to say:

Can you tell us the story behind Crimson & Co?

The company was founded in 2003 as a breakaway from one of the major consultancies and its scope spans supply chain strategy, planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and customer channels. It now operates on all continents, with offices in London, Atlanta, Mumbai, Melbourne and Singapore, and typical clients are blue-chip organizations such as Sony, Diageo, Carlsberg, BAT, GSK and Merck.

What services do you offer? Who should be using them?

Crimson & Co works closely with its clients, using deep operational experience and broad-based business skills to challenge, guide and implement. It provides vast industry depth and breadth spanning supply chain strategy, supply chain planning, procurement, manufacturing and logistics.

What are the most common problems or frustrations your clients are coming to you with? How do you help them?

Most clients know what they want to understand or achieve, but lack the resources to execute their aims. Typical frustrations range from a desire to understand why their supply is not operating effectively, how to remove bottlenecks from production facilities, how to get their S&OP process to work effectively in their particular business environment, or how to go about understanding what processes need to be improved and how to go about doing so.

What sets supply chain consulting apart from other types of business consulting out there? What are the unique challenges you face?

Supply chain consulting is about making change happen and being able to see a tangible difference in the way organizations work and interact with their upstream and downstream partners.

What qualities are you seeking in the consultants you hire?

We look for highly skilled employees, each having had successful careers within blue-chip organizations and the major consultancies across the full end-to-end supply chain. We believe that this depth and quality of experience, combined with our passion for improvement, sets us aside from other consultancies.

Our track record shows that we not only use our experience of best practice to help formulate successful strategies for organizations, but we also develop solutions that we know will work. This is vital to us, and we are usually asked by clients to help with the implementation.

We have a strong set of organizational values and know that by providing an environment for our consultants to excel we will be able to consistently delight our customers, too. We enjoy what we do and enjoy helping organizations deliver tangible results, whether it be in solving a business issue or exploiting a potential opportunity.

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