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I. FedEx is doing VERY well. The news from their latest earnings call has revealed just HOW well they are doing. The success is, in large part, due to the very nature of the e-commerce industry. T. Michael Glenn, FedEx executive vice president, market development and corporate communications, shared this insight:

“E-commerce has become [key] for consumers acquiring goods around the world, but the success of e-commerce continues to be dependent on transportation companies ability to reliably and quickly make residential deliveries around the world.”

II. The Panama Canal expansion has officially opened! From USA Today, “A 984-foot Chinese container ship cleared the new massive locks of the Panama Canal on Sunday, becoming the first to officially pass through the expanded canal and sparking a new dawn for Panama and global shipping.”

III. Sure, there may be a bit of a recession within trucking industry happening. However, within that industry there remains a job market that is thriving: Truck driving. Some Nebraska trucking company owners weigh in on this,

“What has not changed is hiring practices. Despite the downturn, operators report no let-up in their drive for more drivers, in an attempt to remedy a persistent shortage of qualified truckers, a deficit exacerbated by the advancing age of the current roster, which is over 50.”

IV. The Guardian reports that Sidewalk Labs wants to manage public transportation and parking in Columbus, Ohio as part of a three-year demonstration. The plan would unite public and private transportation into one hybrid system managed by new cloud software called Flow. It could also rely heavily on private car services like Uber.

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Image Credit: Sidewalk Labs

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