We hope you had a lovely weekend. We can’t believe we are almost done with August. Where has this month gone? No matter the time or the day, there is always news in the world of logistics and transportation!

I. It seems like every week there is a new meal kit program launching. Inbound Logistics takes a look at how meal plans work within supply chains. “If a food company promises locally grown ingredients, and that’s a strong part of its brand proposition, it needs to make sure all the food it uses is locally grown,” says Katy Jones, vice president of marketing with FoodLogiQ, a provider of food traceability solutions. For organic items, “companies want to know their suppliers have their certifications locked and loaded,” she adds.

II. Smart shoppers are starting to set web-alerts now for wish list items. That means sites and businesses that are optimized for the holidays will do well. Entrepreneur has 5 tips to get your website ready for an influx of visitors. “Not only do you want to make sure your website is ready for the spike in visitors, but you also want to deliver a pleasant user experience, which will help achieve a high conversion rate and strong holiday revenue.”

IIIA few weeks ago shipping giant Cosco Americas, Inc. announced it would join the other major global container lines to ensure that no shark fin related products are carried on their vessels. (This also covers whales and dolphins!) In a statement from Cosco Americas they share, “Through this new policy, we are further solidifying our commitment to protecting wildlife and contributing to the cause of global environmental protection.”

IVTarget has undergone some shakeups from end to end in their supply chain. Chief Operating Officer John Mulligan shares, “A key measure of reliability is our ability to stay in stock and I am pleased that we continue to see improvement even as we begin to compare against improvements from a year ago.” Mulligan says Target has also invested in more digital devices that will allow stores to use forecasting software which will help keep items in stock and ensure proper staff hiring.

Image Credit: COSCO CCLA Twitter

As of September 8, 2020, Crimson & Co (formerly The Progress Group/TPG) has rebranded as Argon & Co following the successful merger with Argon Consulting in April 2018. 

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