Some warehouses beginning to use gamification to incentivize workers

Companies like Amazon and Kenco Logistics have been using gamification techniques in their warehouses in an attempt to increase productivity and employee engagement. They use data systems with game-like elements, including rewards, to incentivize worker competition and track their performance.

“Some employees reportedly enjoy the distractions provided by playing games during a day of repetitive tasks. But employee advocates fear the big-brother-is-watching aspect, turning humans into automatons driven by rewards and penalties that could lead to injuries and burnout.”

Supply chain 4.0 – the digitization of supply chain logistics

According to SDC Executive supply chain logistics have reached a new age where all decisions are driven by technological advancements and customer experience. Big data, robotics, analytics, and automation will all play an important role in the shift towards customer convenience. Speed and efficiency have become the new normal, with customers expecting short delivery times and the ease of digital transactions. Three key components of supply chain 4.0 are – automation, analytics, and integration.

“The product is no longer an island unto itself. How you get the product matters, and that puts the supply chain front and center. The solution is framed by fast, effective data coupled with personalized, quick delivery. As sensors, monitors and smart devices proliferate and robust data sets are matched with machine learning and AI, we will move further inside the consumer’s mind to meet their needs and desires.”

New logistics market report predicts 4.7% growth globally through 2024

Research and Markets has released a “Total Logistics 2021” report detailing the trends and key factors currently affecting the global logistics market as well as their predictions for the future. The report includes insights into current technologies, strategies for sustainability, and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market. According to the report, the North American market will experience a 2.8% increase through 2024.

“Total Logistics 2021 examines the future of logistics market growth and core trends for 2021. The report also contains a full overview of key logistics markets, bespoke market sizing, split by market and region and post-Covid growth forecasts.”


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