Happy Valentine’s week. We hope you were able to find the perfect box of chocolate. This week we’re sharing some links to a variety supply chain and logistics stories that caught our eye. First up is some industry specific insight into the Oroville Dam catastrophe. We also have stories about the recent Sustainability Consortium, an American company that recently moved their warehouse to Europe, and details about a conference hosted by a software company.

I. One of the most shocking national stories we have been following is happening in California. The Oroville Dam situation is alarming for countless reasons, but within our industry, it could have an effect on transportation and freight movement. As of today, the California Trucking Association were not reporting any serious disruptions. Oregon Trucking Association is also keeping an eye freight movement on Interstate 5. Over forty miles of major roadway are closed as California braces itself for “what next”. This is a story to watch.

II. Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart’s chief sustainability officer, was part of a main stage talk at the recent Sustainability Consortium in Phoenix, Arizona. During her presentation, she shared that one of Walmart’s goals is visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Asked how companies can get started with rethinking sustainability she suggested, “There’s a way we do it today. How do we reimagine the way we do it to make it sustainable?”

III. Taiyo, a United States company that is a pioneer in the manufacture, research, development and application of green tea and green tea extracts, has moved their warehouse to Germany. The new warehouse located in Hamburg was the answer to the company’s need for an organic-certified storage solution. In Hamburg, Taiyo can benefit from a variety of storage rooms for both odorless and pungent products, now ensuring maximum product purity. Dr. Stefan Siebrecht, managing director of Taiyo shares:

“This food-specific and organic-certified storage solution makes it possible to further improve our already high quality standards. With the online warehouse management system, we are able to view and manage our stock of ingredients and individual consignments at our company headquarters at any time.”

IV. Does your company use an SCM software like Logility? If you do, or if you are considering it, you may want to check out Connections 2017: Playmakers. Connections is a conference happening in the Atlanta metro area this Spring specifically for experts and thought leaders within the supply chain industry. Yahoo Finance has just shared the speaker line-up for this year’s conference and it looks like it will be a powerful group.

Image Credit: California Department of Water Resources

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