New robot created by Boston Dynamics could change how warehouses operate

Stretch, the newest robot released by robotics company Boston Dynamics, is designed to move boxes. The robot has a weighted square base and uses a “lifting arm” that grips boxes using suction cups. It is a highly mobile bot and is designed to function in spaces that were not originally designed for automation.

“Stretch can move up to 800 boxes an hour and can operate on batteries for eight consecutive hours or be plugged in. Boston Dynamics is planning to commercially deploy Stretch next year, and is currently looking for customers to pilot test the robot’s truck-unloading skills.”


One of the US partners, Steve Mulaik, stays up-to-date on robots and shares on LinkedIn. Here’s his post from this past Sunday. Feel free to connect with Steve on LinkedIn as well.

Here is a recent video by 60 Minutes about Boston Dynamics. 

Traffic able to continue through the Suez Canal

After nearly a week of being blocked by the container ship Ever Given, traffic has finally been able to resume through the major global shipping channel, the Suez Canal. During the week-long incident over 369 vessels were backed up and it is estimated that it held up $9 billion/day is trade goods.

“The Ever Given container vessel, leased by Evergreen Marine Corp. of Taiwan, was blown by high winds from a sandstorm, which caused it to become jammed across the 205-meter (224.2 yards) width of the channel diagonally. It was dislodged early Monday morning by tugboats after dredging and excavation work.”

The future of demand fulfillment depends on customer experience

According to Logistics Management, a company’s value will no longer be derived solely from the quality of the product it is offering, but rather the experience it is able to provide to its customers. The supply chain will need to adapt to a more personalized approach in order to meet customer’s unique needs. They’ve outlined six factors that will be critical to the shift that can be read using the link above.

“In other words, an intelligent, customer-centric supply chain that transforms companies’ management, distribution and transportation is needed, especially with COVID-19 rewriting the rules for how people shop today—a new reality that’s putting massive strain on existing supply chains.”

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