Last week Argon & Co had the pleasure of being one of the sponsors of LogiPahrma 2024, the world’s leading Life Sciences supply chain event attended by global leaders in supply chain, operations, logistics, distribution and digital transformation.

Our Life Sciences teams from London and Paris attended the conference and listened to many great speakers and had some interesting conversations, with key themes centring on:

  • Risk Management and Resilience: The Life Sciences industry is now addressing challenges beyond COVID-19, focusing on geopolitical instability affecting drug supply in sanctioned or conflict zones. There’s a growing emphasis on leveraging predictive analytics to adapt quickly to these instabilities
  • AI and Gen AI: AI applications are being explored for stock management, re-labelling, shipment tracking, and quality deviation analysis, with a shift towards hiring talent adept at using evolving technologies for faster decision-making
  • Sustainability: Pharma companies are integrating sustainability into their scorecards with specific team and individual targets, primarily focusing on reducing CO2 emissions within logistics. Despite the emphasis on sustainability, the high costs and the need for stronger partnerships and innovative strategies remain significant hurdles
  • Cell and Gene Therapy: Discussions around the complexities of cell and gene therapy supply chains are increasing, with insights on integrating commercial and clinical supply chains to streamline operations post-approval

Partner, Patrick Legris, was joined by Sébastien Ordronneau, Senior Director and Head of Global Logistics at Ipsen to lead a case study illustration of the strategies for enhancing the reliability and impact of cold chain CO2 footprint assessments. It was great to see such an engaged audience!

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