Last week we hosted a virtual roundtable event to discuss the challenges of transforming through people. A huge thanks to guest speakers Danny van der Ster, Verity Jones and Mark Gibbens for your ‘terrific openness and authenticity displayed’, as one of the attendees described it.

One of our aims was to replicate the dynamism and interaction of our face-to-face roundtables, and feedback suggests that we managed it, so we will definitely be organising more of these sessions! This wouldn’t have been possible without the active participation of the other attendees, a fantastic group of leaders from 15 companies, who all contributed hugely to the debate.

Despite the diversity of the participants, it was clear that the challenges are consistent across industries:

  • How can you get people to open their minds to the benefits of change, recognising the value to them and the business, when they think, “but we’ve always done it this way and it has worked before”?
  • How can you ensure the quality and robustness of the change when some people think, “but we wanted it done yesterday”?
  • How can you keep teams motivated when there is so much change happening, and how do you avoid change fatigue?

If you’d like to hear about the lessons learned, and how an octopus was shown to save the day and marketing sauce flavours the outcomes, or just want to know when our next round table is, please feel free to reach out to us on Maria Parera.

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