S&OP has been around for over 30 years, and despite constantly evolving, it has become well-defined and proven across industries and geographies. Marketing trends effectively rebranding S&OP have come and gone, but the marks of maturity in S&OP remain constant. But you wouldn’t think so if you read all the blogs, magazine articles and presentations at events that explore topics like:

  • What are the differences between S&OP and Integrated Business Planning?
  • How many steps should it involve and what should its cadence be?
  • Is its prime purpose to align everybody on one plan?
  • Is the process still relevant and does it have a future?

Join us on 30th January 2024 at 12.00pm for virtual roundtable where we will explore these topics, debunk some of the myths around S&OP, and explore what it takes to successfully implement and sustain S&OP effectiveness.

Attendees will hear from two highly experienced consultants who have successfully implemented S&OP across industries in many organisations. They will share personal implementation experiences and discuss why the shape and purpose of the process is still misunderstood despite the masses of airtime it has received.

All levels of knowledge and experience in this topic are welcome, we look forward to joining you for a very thought-provoking event.


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