This week Connect, our community for changemakers hosted a roundtable dinner with some fantastic discussions and  on the theme of Sustainability goals: are you 2030 ready? But is that what it’s really about?

We explored the drivers of businesses taking action, from the regulatory ‘stick’ to the ’carrot’ of new value opportunities, and the challenges realising them.

Some key takeaways from the event’s discussions included:

  • Keeping up with regulation takes a lot of energy and effort, both to manage and routinize new reporting requirements as well as handling the new complexity it brings in the operating model of the business. This has to be incorporated into every business change programme, from now on
  • In an evolving regulatory context, and fast changing technological landscape, businesses need to carefully balance risk and reward. First mover advantage is real! But so too can be the costs of backing the wrong horse
  • Collaboration is key – across functions, across value chain partners. This is true specially when taking such risks. But also in facing the new challenges of scope three, information sharing, and finding new ways of doing business, such as disrupting the linear model

Thank you to all our guests for joining us and sharing such thought-provoking insights!

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