In May, Argon & Co hosted an intimate roundtable gathering of Connect members to discuss the topic of ‘people in change’ over dinner in London. As ever at these informal events, perspectives and debate were forthcoming, lively and diverse; no surprise given the depth and breadth of experience around the table. Highlights of the discussion included:

  • The importance of emotion. In a world increasingly serviced (and driven…) by data and AI, we must not lose sight of the critical functions provided by human interactions, empathy, and trust (a continuation of a theme falling from our March ‘leadership’ dinner)
  • The critical role of disruptors. George Bernard Shaw’s ‘unreasonable man’ is indeed central to driving change. Business leaders who want to lead successful change need an element of this
  • Empowering instinct. The need to avoid a slavish reliance on data in decision-making (e.g., accountability and risk). Decision support tools should complement and inform gutfeel and experience-based decision-making, rather than over-ride or numb art with science
  • Idleness instigates changeIndustrious people embrace existing methods to get on with the task at hand. Those who want an easier life, seek more efficient methods
  • Selling the new size 10. Persuading the internal team of the validity of change is just one side of the coin; those who overlook taking customers on the change journey invite risk

Another fascinating and broad discussion and a great opportunity to make new connections and find common ground with other industry leaders.

If you were unable to attend or would like to keep discussing further, please make sure you register to our online virtual roundtable in June, where we will explore the theme of ‘Transforming through people’ with senior change-professionals from ASOS, Assa Abloy and Drax.

Please reach out to Maria Parera for more details.


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