We have not had a series of such impactful events changing our lives since many decades. Almost every organisation is currently dealing with high levels of uncertainty and significant challenges from their supply chains. We are seeing a range of issues including lack of material availability, long lead times, service disruption and cost inflation. This is across a wide range of goods and services. Right now, it seems to be a perfect storm of war on the European continent, post-lockdown demand, Chinese domestic demand and supply restriction, sea freight constraints and labour restrictions. These challenges are a risk to deliver the company strategies and do not seem to be just temporarily.

Supply chains and procurement are at the hearth of mitigating these risks. Argon & Co partners Dennis Houdijk and Aart-Willem de Wolf have in depth supply chain and procurement expertise and helped many of our clients to develop and deploy strategies to mitigate these risks successfully.

The Argon & Co supply chain and procurement round table is a unique opportunity to learn what strategies companies deploy to mitigate these risks. Real cases will be shared and used as examples to help you in your thought processes.

The round table provides board members with the opportunity to understand:

  • What causes of supply disruptions
  • How long will the disruptions last”
  • How to mitigate cost inflation and supply risks
  • The outlook beyond 2022

The supply chain and procurement round table brings together a limited number of Business Leaders in a particular location, creating a network of professionals sharing the same values & the same enthusiastic approach to break through existing paradigms.

We look forward to welcome you at the round table at Slot Zeist located at Zinzendorflaan 1 in Zeist – April 21st from 16.30 – 19.00 hrs followed by the opportunity to network while drinks and bites are served.



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