On Friday 9th and 10th June, the teams at Pollen Consulting Group and Argon & Co ANZ came together to celebrate the final stage of integration – a team building day and party to commemorate a major milestone for Argon & Co’s ANZ expansion.

Team members flew in from Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand to join the event in Sydney, which was held at the Q Station in Manly.

After an evening celebrating and bonding over a delicious dinner, the teams came together for a memorable day the featured speeches by Pollen Consulting Group founder, Paul Eastwood – who is now the Managing Partner of Argon & Co ANZ and Crispin Mair, Partner of Argon & Co in London, UK.

Then the fun began, as team members were split into groups of eight and challenged with building a rocket that would be symbolically ‘launched’ at noon. With limited supplies of Mentos, vinegar and bicycle pumps amongst other craft materials – the teams had to quickly research solutions for how they could assemble a rocket made of paper and card that would actually take off.

As seasoned problem solvers, each team approached the challenge with vigour and immediately got to work!

Watch the video here capturing the highlights of the day:




Crispin Mair tells the Argon & Co story

Paul Eastwood telling the story of Pollen

The Argon & Co ANZ team

Launching rockets



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