Crimson & Co Mumbai recently hosted an event on ‘Emerging trends in supply chain’. Consultants from our US, UK, France, India, Singapore and Australia offices were all in attendance with a range of topics shared over the event.

Jon Gibson, Associate Director, Crimson & Co UK spoke about the readiness of multi-national corporates to embrace Industry 4.0. He discussed the changes that Industry 4.0 will bring and how corporates could leverage them as opportunities.

Steve Mulaik, Partner, Crimson & Co North America, opened with Michael Jackson’s moonwalk video to set the tone for the topic of his presentation – robotics. Steve spoke passionately about improving productivity with the use of robotics, sharing videos of robots being used in warehouse picking operations. Steve was however sceptical about robots completely replacing humans.

Nicolas Gellé, Partner, Argon Consulting France, shared a case study on a successful experiment of real time container tracking through IoT. This real time tracking enables maritime logistics to go a step further, with companies able to receive their own information, independent from that provided by sea freight companies. This allows them to better plan onward freight movements.

There was a great interaction from the audience and all in all it turned out to be a successful morning of global knowledge sharing.

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