Speakers: Colin Povey

Discussion: The business of sport – when leading major change, what can business leaders learn from sporting success?

Location: 34 Mayfair, 34 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 2HD

Crimson & Co UK held its Winter Client Alumni dinner at 34 Mayfair, London on Thursday 10th November. Our clients from the FMCG, drinks, logistics and life sciences industries caught up over pre-dinner drinks and then engaged in a lively talk on how business leaders can learn from sporting success.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Colin Povey, Chairman of England Netball, ex Chief Executive of Edgbaston and formerly CEO of Carlsberg UK. A great background to look at the lessons industry can learn from sport about teamwork! Colin talked us through what makes a great team and how to balance values and culture with short-term creativity to generate long term benefits. We concluded that to sustain change and maintain team culture you need a combination of newcomers for reinvigoration, talent (for obvious reasons!) and the odd maverick to shake things up. For further reading on team culture Colin suggested Legacy by James Kerr.

Many thanks to Colin and to our Alumni members for a great evening.

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